Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z2N5 Experiment name: T cell characterization MIFlowCyt score: 47.75%
Primary researcher: Sara De Biasi PI/manager: Sara De Biasi Uploaded by: Sara De Biasi
Experiment dates: 2020-05-04 - 2020-06-17 Dataset uploaded: Jun 2020 Last updated: Jun 2020
Keywords: [T cell] [COVID-19] [transcription factor] Manuscripts:
Organizations: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, (Italy)
Purpose: To characterize ex vivo CD4 andCD8 T lymphocytes
Conclusion: Studies on chemokine receptors and lineage-specifying transcription factors revealed that, among CD4+ T cells, patients displayed a lower percentage of cells expressing CCR6 or CXCR3, and of those co-expressing CCR6 and CD161, but higher percentages of CXCR4+ or CCR4+ cells. No differences were noted in the expression of T-bet or GATA-3. CD8+ T cells expressed lower percentages of CCR6+, CXCR3+ or T-bet+ cells and of CXCR3+,T-bet+ or CCR6+,CD161+ lymphocytes. We also found higher percentages of cells expressing CCR4+, CXCR4 or GATA-3.
Comments: We provide an in-depth investigation of the T cell compartment in a total of 39 patients affected by Covid-19 pneumonia.
Funding: Glem Gas SpA (San Cesario, MO, Italy), Sanfelice 1893 Banca Popolare (San Felice S.P., MO, Italy) and Rotary Club Distretto 2072 (Clubs in Modena, Modena L.A. Muratori, Carpi, Sassuolo, Castelvetro di Modena), C.O.F.I.M. SPA & Gianni Gibellini, Franco Appari, Andrea Lucchi, Federica Vagnarelli, Biogas Europa Service & Massimo Faccia, Pierangelo Bertoli Fans Club, Maria Santoro and Valentina Spezzani are strongly acknowledged for their generous support to our research
Quality control: T cell phenotype
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