Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z3PL Experiment name: Validation of GapmeR targeted lncRNAs along BLaER1 transdifferentiation MIFlowCyt score: 98.00%
Primary researcher: Carme Arnan PI/manager: Carme Arnan Uploaded by: Carme Arnan
Experiment dates: 2019-04-15 - 2019-04-15 Dataset uploaded: Apr 2021 Last updated: May 2022
Keywords: [macrophages] [gapmers] [pre-B cells] [transdifferentiation] [lncRNA expression] [BLaER cell] Manuscripts:
Organizations: Cytometry Unit Facility (CRG/UPF), Barcelona, Catalonia (SPAIN)
Purpose: Checking the effect of GapmeRs in knocking down lncRNAs in BLaER cells.
Conclusion: Knockdown of lncRNAs does not effect the transdifferentiation of BLaER cell line.
Comments: It was checked the knockdown effect of GapmeRs against lncRNAs at RNA level (checked by qPCR).
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: A negative control GapmeR was used.

Experiment variables

· T3 190415_GFP t3.fcs · 190415_Gapmer 881 t3.fcs · 190415_Gapmer 882 t3.fcs · 190415_Gapmer C- t3.fcs
· T0 190415_GFP.fcs

· Controls 190415_GFP t3.fcs · 190415_GFP.fcs · 190415_Gapmer C- t3.fcs
· Samples 190415_Gapmer 881 t3.fcs · 190415_Gapmer 882 t3.fcs

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