Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z3SN Experiment name: CyTOF profiling of postmortem COVID19 brain MIFlowCyt score: 25.50%
Primary researcher: Bertram Bengsch PI/manager: Bertram Bengsch Uploaded by: Bertram Bengsch
Experiment dates: 2021-03-01 - Dataset uploaded: May 2021 Last updated: Jul 2021
Keywords: None Manuscripts: [34174183] [PMC8188302]
Organizations: University Medical Center Freiburg, Internal Medicine & Inst Neuropathology, Freiburg, (Germany)
Purpose: Assessment of Exhaustion profiles of CD8 T cells in COVID19 neuropathology
Conclusion: Single-cell analysis by suspension mode mass cytometry indeed revealed heterogeneity of CD8 T cell phenotypes in one COVID-19 brain, and enrichment of CD8 T cells with an exhausted phenotype in the medulla and olfactory bulb, but also detection of other perforin+ cytotoxic CD8 T cells without typical features of exhaustion.
Comments: The related IMC dataset is available via
Funding: This project was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) (SFBs 992, 1160, SFB/TRR167, CIBSS - EXC-2189– Project #390939984, IMM-PACT #413517907, ME-3644/5-1 to H.E.M. and BE-5496/5-1 to B.B.) and research funds from the Ministry for Science, Research and Art of Baden-Wuerttemberg dedicated to “COVID-19 research” and “Neuroinflammation”.
Quality control: sample barcoding and shared acquisition, bead-based normalization
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