Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZY9R Experiment name: 2017 Cell Systems p-Creode paper (Bone Marrow - CyTOF - Bendall) MIFlowCyt score: 21.00%
Primary researcher: Ken Lau PI/manager: Ken Lau Uploaded by: Ken Lau
Experiment dates: 2017-08-10 - 2017-08-10 Dataset uploaded: Aug 2017 Last updated: Nov 2017
Keywords: None Manuscripts:
Organizations: Vanderbilt University, Cell and Developmental Biology, Nashville, TN (USA)
Purpose: Human bone marrow from Bendall et al. (Cytobank tutorial). Gated and Trimmed. Main Figure 2. (linear scale)
Conclusion: None
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: None
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