Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYRD Experiment name: CD4 T cell analysis from human fetal intestine MIFlowCyt score: 27.00%
Primary researcher: Na Li PI/manager: Na Li Uploaded by: Na Li
Experiment dates: 2015-02-02 - Dataset uploaded: Oct 2018 Last updated: Nov 2018
Keywords: [CD4 T cells] [mass cytometry] [human fetal intestine] Manuscripts:
Organizations: LUMC, IHB, Leiden, (The Netherlands)
Purpose: The fetus is thought to be protected from exposure to foreign antigens, yet CD45RO+ T-cells reside in the fetal intestine. We combined functional assays with mass cytometry to characterize the fetal intestinal CD4+ T-cell compartment.
Conclusion: We identified 22 CD4+ T-cell clusters, including naive-like, regulatory-like, and memory-like subpopulations.
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: None
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