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Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZTM Experiment name: Data from Wong et al Immunity 2016 MIFlowCyt score: 18.00%
Primary researcher: Evan Newell PI/manager: Evan Newell Uploaded by: Evan Newell
Experiment dates: 2016-08-16 - Dataset uploaded: Sep 2016 Last updated: Sep 2016
Keywords: None Manuscripts: [27521270]
Organizations: None
Purpose: Analysis of lymphocyte composition across human tissues using two mass cytometry panels.
Conclusion: Depending on the tissue microenvironment, T cells can differentiate into highly diverse subsets expressing unique trafficking receptors and cytokines. Studies of human lymphocytes have primarily focused on a limited number of parameters in blood, representing an incomplete view of the human immune system. Here, we have utilized mass cytometry to simultaneously analyze T cell trafficking and functional markers across eight different human tissues, including blood, lymphoid, and non-lymphoid tissues. These data have revealed that combinatorial expression of trafficking receptors and cytokines better defines tissue specificity. Notably, we identified numerous T helper cell subsets with overlapping cytokine expression, but only specific cytokine combinations are secreted regardless of tissue type. This indicates that T cell lineages defined in mouse models cannot be clearly distinguished in humans. Overall, our data uncover a plethora of tissue immune signatures and provide a systemic map of how T cell phenotypes are altered throughout the human body.
Comments: See paper for description of data. Total of 8 tissues with various numbers of donor samples for each. Two mass cytometry panels: 1. Traffic: focusing on trafficking receptors (unstimulated) 2. Function: focusing on intracellular cytokines (all samples PMA+Iono stimulated)
Funding: Singapore Immunology Network
Quality control: None
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