Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z57G Experiment name: Venetoclax treatment in AML patients has limited impact on circulating T and NK cells MIFlowCyt score: 83.75%
Primary researcher: Charis Teh PI/manager: Charis Teh Uploaded by: Charis Teh
Experiment dates: 2019-11-01 - 2022-03-31 Dataset uploaded: Apr 2022 Last updated: May 2022
Keywords: [mass cytometry] [AML] [venetoclax] Manuscripts:
Organizations: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Immunology, Melbourne, VIC3052 (Australia)
Purpose: To profile circulating blood cells from three cohorts of cancer patients before and after treatment with venetoclax using mass cytometry (CyTOF) or flow cytometry Cohort 1: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) - mass cytometry Cohort 2: Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) - mass cytometry Cohort 3: Breast cancer - flow cytometry
Conclusion: Venetoclax has minimal impact on circulating T or NK cells
Comments: None
Funding: This work was supported by: an Australian NHMRC Fellowships 1089072 (C.E.T), 1090236 and 1158024 (D.H.D.G), 1078730 and 1175960 (G.J.L); a Fulbright Australia-America Postdoctoral Fellowship (C.E.T); a Victorian Cancer Agency Mid-Career Fellowship MCRF20026 (C.E.T); Cancer Council of Victoria Grants-in-Aid 1146518 and 1102104 (D.H.D.G); Perpetual Impact Philanthropy Founding (C.E.T.); Australian NHRMC grants 2002618 (C.E.T), 1113577, 1016701, 1079560 (A.W.R/D.C.S.H); 1113133, 1153049 (G.J.L), the Metcalf Family (A.H.W); the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, US, Specialized Center of Research [SCOR] grant 7015-18 (A.H.W); a Medical Research Future Fund grant 1141460 (A.H.W.); National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia IIRS-19-004; Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF-20-182) (G.J.L), Investigator Initiated Study support from AbbVie and Genentech (Roche) for the mBEP study (ACTRN12615000702516) (G.J.L).
Quality control: - An anchor healthy blood sample is used in each run - All antibodies were titrated to determine ideal concentrations of used - Where samples needed to be ran in two batches on different days, cytometers with the same settings were used.

Experiment variables

· pre-venetoclax AML_CAL-018_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL-019_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL-023_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL-026_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL-027_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL-033_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL-036_SCR.fcs · AML_CVC-002_SCR.fcs · AML_CVC-005_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL016 (SCAL020)_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL043 (SCAL055)_SCR.fcs · AML_CAL044 (SCAL056)_SCR.fcs · AML_CAU008_SCR.fcs · AML_CBH002_SCR.fcs · AML_CVC-002_SCR.fcs-(1) · AML_CVC001_SCR.fcs
· post-venetoclax AML_CAL-018_D7.fcs · AML_CAL-019_D7.fcs · AML_CAL-023_D7.fcs · AML_CAL-026_D7.fcs · AML_CAL-027_D7.fcs · AML_CAL-033_D7.fcs · AML_CAL-036_D7.fcs · AML_CVC-002_D7.fcs · AML_CVC-005_D7.fcs · AML_CAL016 (SCAL020)_D7.fcs · AML_CAL043 (SCAL055)_D7.fcs · AML_CAL044 (SCAL056)_D7.fcs · AML_CAU008_D7.fcs · AML_CBH002_D7.fcs · AML_CVC-002_D7.fcs-(1) · AML_CVC001_D7.fcs

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