I am getting a message that have some files have been omitted from my upload since the repository contains these already, what is this?

FlowRepository does not allow the upload of duplicate FCS files. This is a system-wide policy, meaning that you will not be able to upload the same FCS files more than once even as a different user in a different experiment, or even if you renamed the files. If you are receiving a message that some of your FCS files have been omitted from your upload since the repository contains these already, then in most cases, it happens when a user uploads some data files, then deletes the whole experiment, starts over and tries to upload those files again. The problem is that the deleted experiment is still in your trash, which triggers the error message. In order to resolve that, go to your trash by selecting Trash from the Filter Experiments panel.

Go to Trash

Than select the experiment and click on the Permanently Delete button to remove the old experiment entirely.

Delete experiment permanently

After that, you should be able to upload those FCS files in a new experiment.

If you are receiving this error message but there is no experiment in your Trash, then this means that either you or someone else has uploaded those data files already. If you need to identify which FCS files are causing this issue and who uploaded those, then please contact us by filling out a support ticket.