I have Java, but I am getting and error saying Application blocked by security settings, what do I do?

Oracle released Java 7 Update 51 on Jan 14, 2014, which changed the Java security settings so that Java Applets can no longer run unless they are signed by a trusted certificate. Our existing certificates are not considered trusted any more. Please accept our apologies for the trouble that this is causing to you. ISAC is working on resolving the issue by either purchasing a new code signing certificate from a trusted certification authority, or by replacing Java with a different technology.

In the mean time, there are two different workarounds that you can use. Both of these involve changing your Java security settings in your Java Control Panel.

Java Control Panel

  1. Go to your Java Control Panel, Security Tab, Edit Site List... and enter both http://flowrepository.org and https://flowrepository.org
  2. Lower the Security Level to "Medium"

Depending on your system, you may also need to restart the browser for these changes to take effect. We tested these workarounds with FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Either one of them should work for you.