My MIFlowCyt score is low, is it a problem?

Not necessarily. The MIFlowCyt score is just an automated estimate of the level of compliance of the annotation of a particular experiment with MIFlowCyt. The computer can only see whether certain information is provided or not, but it is not smart enough to realize that some information may not be applicable in your case, or that some information may be provided elsewhere, or what is the quality of all the descriptions that you provided. Manuscript reviewers are generally aware of these limitations and will assess the quality of your manuscript as a whole.

Should you wish to improve your score, you can click on the MIFlowCyt score bar in the top right corner of your experiment (or click on MIFlowCyt Score Details within the Experiment Details box) then you will get to a detailed description of what has been taken into account when calculating your MIFlowCyt score. Generally, you will see 4 boxes as corresponding to the main 4 sections of the MIFlowCyt Recommendation. For each of these sections, a table with 3 columns will be displayed showing required items, your compliance level and a link to a page where you can improve your score by providing additional details if applicable. You can show and hide details by clicking on the red, orange and green check mark symbol, or you can click on the + and - in the Compliance header in order to show and hide all the details.

MIFlowCyt Score details - section 1 example.