Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z2XC Experiment name: Demonstration of a whole blood CyTOF staining workflow to characterize COVID-19 patients MIFlowCyt score: 64.25%
Primary researcher: Adeeb Rahman PI/manager: Adeeb Rahman Uploaded by: Adeeb Rahman
Experiment dates: 2020-04-01 - Dataset uploaded: Jun 2020 Last updated: Jul 2020
Keywords: [mass cytometry] [CyTOF] [human whole blood immunophenotyping] [COVID-19] Manuscripts:
Organizations: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai , New York, NY (United States of America)
Purpose: Proof-of-principle demonstration of a whole blood staining workflow using the Fluidigm MaxPar Direct Immune Profiling Assay and SmartTube stabilization to characterize immune responses in hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Conclusion: The assay reliably identifies differences in the frequency and phenotype of several immune cell types in hospitalized COVID-19 patients relative to healthy controls
Comments: See attachment for sample annotations. FCS files have been clustered using the Astrolabe Diagnostics platform and hierarchical single cell cluster assignments are embedded in the FCS file under the Compartment, Assignment and Profiling channels. See attached key for mapping of cluster to named subsets.
Funding: NIH U19AI118610, U24AI118644, U24CA224319
Quality control: Samples were acquired and normalized using Fluidigm EQ normalization beads

Experiment variables

Sample Type
· COVID-19 COVID_03.fcs · COVID_04.fcs · COVID_05.fcs · COVID_07.fcs · COVID_12.fcs · COVID_13.fcs · COVID_15.fcs · COVID_17.fcs · COVID_48.fcs · COVID_57.fcs · COVID_61.fcs · COVID_65.fcs · COVID_68.fcs · COVID_76.fcs
· Healthy_Ctrl Healthy_Ctrl_1.fcs · Healthy_Ctrl_2.fcs · Healthy_Ctrl_3.fcs · Healthy_Ctrl_4.fcs · Healthy_Ctrl_5.fcs · Healthy_Ctrl_6.fcs · Healthy_Ctrl_7.fcs

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