Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z2YU Experiment name: Immuno-flowFISH assessment of CLL with trisomy 12 or del(17p) MIFlowCyt score: 0.00%
Primary researcher: Kathy Fuller PI/manager: Kathy Fuller Uploaded by: Kathy Fuller
Experiment dates: 2014-02-03 - 2018-06-29 Dataset uploaded: Apr 2019 Last updated: Jun 2019
Keywords: [Immunophenotyping] [Imaging cytometry] [S-FISH] [haematological malignancy] [spot counting FISH analysis] [chromosomal abnormalities] [chronic lymphocytic leukaemia] [and diagnostic methodology.] Manuscripts: [31016848] Cytalogo
Organizations: None
Purpose: Development and application of an automated immuno-flowFISH method for the assessment of trisomy 12 and deletion 17p in chronic lymphocytic leukemia to validate its clinical utility and technical advancements over standard diagnostic methods.
Conclusion: Automated immuno-flowFISH provides robust diagnostic assessment of clinically relevant +12 and del(17p) CLL through specific FISH analysis in phenotypically identified cells. Specifically, spot count ratios normalized to the neoplastic CD19/CD5+ CLL population enables quantitative accuracy and precision in the detection of cytogenetic abnormalities even for low-level and atypical disease. Immuno-flowFISH has clinical utility and offers several technical advantages over standard diagnostic methods (i.e. manual slide-based FISH testing) to potentially enhance the diagnostic assessment and clinical management of CLL.
Comments: Imaging flow cytometry files (rif)
Funding: University of Western Australia Faculty of Health and Medical Research Early Career grant
Quality control: Simply Cellular anti-mouse compensation standard controls (Bangs Laboratories Inc., Indiana, USA) were used as fluorescence controls. Cells tested with isotype controls. Sub-samples of immunophenotyped and unstained cells were collected after staining step and analysed with samples treated with the full protocol as morphological and immunophenotype controls. All immuno-flowFISH data has been correlated with routine diagnostically compliant standard tests (i.e. standard flow cytometry and FISH). Daily instrument calibration with BD Ultra-Rainbow calibration beads and in-built software automated “ASSIST” calibration tests for instrument performance.
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