Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z3MW Experiment name: KPCMets_Immune MIFlowCyt score: 56.47%
Primary researcher: Won Jin Ho PI/manager: Won Jin Ho Uploaded by: Won Jin Ho
Experiment dates: 2021-04-10 - Dataset uploaded: Apr 2021 Last updated: Apr 2021
Keywords: [Cancer] [immunology] [tumor microenvironment] Manuscripts:
Organizations: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, (USA)
Purpose: Compare immune profiles of lung and liver metastatic pancreatic cancer in mouse models based on KPC cells
Conclusion: Higher immune infiltration overall in the lung compared to liver, especially T cells
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: None

Experiment variables

· Lung_KPC KPClung1cp.fcs · KPClung2cp.fcs · KPClung3cp.fcs · KPClung4cp.fcs · KPClung5cp.fcs
· Liver_KPC KPCliver1cp.fcs · KPCliver2cp.fcs · KPCliver3cp.fcs · KPCliver4cp.fcs · KPCliver5cp.fcs
· Liver_NL NLliver1cp.fcs · NLliver2cp.fcs · NLliver3cp.fcs · NLliver4cp.fcs · NLliver5cp.fcs
· Lung_NL NLlung2cp.fcs · NLlung3cp.fcs · NLlung4cp.fcs · NLlung5cp.fcs · NLlung1cp.fcs

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