Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZY4P Experiment name: CyTOF immuno-profiling of regenerating lacrimal glands MIFlowCyt score: 100.00%
Primary researcher: Driss Zoukhri PI/manager: Driss Zoukhri Uploaded by: Dillon Hawley
Experiment dates: 2014-06-01 - 2014-09-01 Dataset uploaded: Apr 2017 Last updated: May 2017
Keywords: [Innate Immune Response] [inflammation] [lacrimal gland] Manuscripts: Plosonelogo
Organizations: Tufts Dental School, Department of Comprehensive Care, Boston, MA (United States)
Purpose: CyTOF immuno-profiling was used to identify cells involved the immune response using an experimental model of lacrimal gland inflammation (IL-1alpha).
Conclusion: Natural Killer cell populations showed minor increases during the regenerative phases, while, B and T cell populations showed no major changes compared to uninjured LGs. Neutrophils and monocytes showed large increased in 1 and 2 days post injury identifying the innate immune system as the key mediator of the inflammatory response in acute LG injury.
Comments: None
Funding: See linked paper.
Quality control: Samples were composed of three biological replicates and normalized to internal beads control.

Experiment variables

· Un-injured Day 0_Control.fcs
· 1ug IL-1alpha Day 1.fcs · Day 2.fcs · Day 3.fcs · Day 4.fcs · Day 5.fcs · Day 6.fcs · Day 7.fcs

· 1 day Day 1.fcs
· 2 day Day 2.fcs
· 3 day Day 3.fcs
· 4 day Day 4.fcs
· 5 day Day 5.fcs
· 6 day Day 6.fcs
· 7 day Day 7.fcs

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