Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYCC Experiment name: Mass Cytometry of Serial Tumor Samples from Melanoma Patients Receiving Targeted Therapy MIFlowCyt score: 53.75%
Primary researcher: Allison Greenplate PI/manager: Jonathan Irish Uploaded by: Allison Greenplate
Experiment dates: 2015-08-01 - 2017-10-03 Dataset uploaded: Oct 2017 Last updated: Oct 2018
Keywords: [T cell] [melanoma] [targeted therapy] [tumor immunology] Manuscripts: [30413431] Cancerimmunologyresearchlogo
Organizations: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology, Nashville, TN (USA)
Purpose: Patients with advanced, operable BRAF mutation-positive melanoma will received GSK-2118436 (BRAF inhibitor) for two weeks, followed by the combination of GSK-2118436 and GSK-1120212 (MEK inhibitor) for two weeks, followed by surgical resection of the disease. Tumor biopsies were obtained prior to start of therapy and 2 weeks after combined GSK-2118436 and GSK-1120212.
Conclusion: The objective was to identify phenotypic changes in immune cells within the tumor microenvironment in response to B-RAF and MEK targeted therapy in melanoma.
Comments: A population of CD3+ CD4-CD8- T cells were found in melanoma, glioblastoma, and renal cell carcinoma tumors and are phenotypically distinct from CD3+ CD4-CD8- T cells in non-malignant lymphoid tissue and blood.
Funding: F31 CA199993-03 T32 CA009592 R25 GM062459
Quality control: Fluidigm normalization beads were used to normalize signal prior to analysis. Beads were not removed by the normalization software and need to be gated out prior to analysis.

Experiment variables

Sample Type
· iPSCs iPSCs.fcs
· Melanoma Tumor MP004_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP013_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP015_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP029_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP029_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP031_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP031_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP032_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP032_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP034_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP034_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP039_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP049b_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP055_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP055_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP059_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP059_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP062_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs
· GBM Tumor GBM_LC-04B_Ungated.fcs · GBM_LC-06B_Ungated.fcs · GBM_W-5_Ungated.fcs
· RCC Tumor RCC_29_Ungated.fcs · RCC_37_Ungated.fcs · RCC_52_Ungated.fcs
· Non-malignant Adenoid and Tonsil Non-malignant_Adenoid_11.fcs · Non-malignant_Adenoid_18.fcs · Non-malignant_Adenoid_19.fcs · Non-malignant_Tonsil_19.fcs

· 4 weeks after start of therapy MP029_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP031_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP032_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP034_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP055_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP059_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP062_wk4_melanom_tumor.fcs
· baseline MP029_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP031_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP032_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP034_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP055_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs · MP059_baseline_melanom_tumor.fcs

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