Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYEV Experiment name: JNK in Breast Cancer MIFlowCyt score: 61.65%
Primary researcher: Nomeda Girnius PI/manager: Roger Davis Uploaded by: Nomeda Girnius
Experiment dates: 2015-10-16 - 2017-12-06 Dataset uploaded: Dec 2017 Last updated: May 2018
Keywords: [JNK] [Breast Cancer] [Cell death] [Cell survival] Manuscripts: [29856313] [PMC5984035] Elifelogo
Organizations: University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA (United States)
Purpose: We set out to study how JNK loss in breast cancer cells impacts cell survival in suspension. To this end, we generated mouse tumor cell lines that had lost or retained Mapk8 and Mapk9. These cells were placed in suspension (24 h), collected, and stained with Annexin V-PE and 7AAD.
Conclusion: JNK loss improved tumor cell survival during suspension.
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: Samples were run in duplicate when possible. The experiment was repeated a second time after generating additional cell lines.
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