Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYHL Experiment name: FCM data input modes - Murine skin-draining lymph-node CD45 - mDCs MIFlowCyt score: 50.75%
Primary researcher: Daniel Jimenez-Carretero PI/manager: Daniel Jimenez-Carretero Uploaded by: Daniel Jimenez-Carretero
Experiment dates: 2018-01-23 - 2018-02-28 Dataset uploaded: Feb 2018 Last updated: Jul 2018
Keywords: [flow cytometry] [dimension reduction] [Compensation] [high-dimensional cytometry] [automated data analysis] [automated phenotyping] [unsupervised clustering] [data preparation] [spectral data] [pseudo-spectral data] [data-input modes evaluation] Manuscripts: [29735643]
Organizations: Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), Cellomics Unit, Madrid, Madrid (Spain)
Purpose: Multi-input fcs files merging the different data input modes for conventional and spectral flow cytometers
Conclusion: Automated phenotypic analysis can be improved by configuring instrument acquisition to use all available fluorescence detectors, and avoiding integration and compensation procedures, thereby using raw spectral or pseudospectral data.
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: None

Experiment variables

Sample Type
· Conventional Cytometry CONV_DC_CD45_KO1.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_KO2.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_KO3.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_KO4.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_KO5.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_WT1.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_WT2.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_WT3.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_WT4.fcs · CONV_DC_CD45_WT5.fcs
· Spectral Cytometry SPC_DC_CD45_KO1.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_KO2.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_KO3.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_KO4.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_KO5.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_WT1.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_WT2.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_WT3.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_WT4.fcs · SPC_DC_CD45_WT5.fcs

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