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Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYNE Experiment name: Apoptosis Flow Cytometry in human eosinophils after glucocorticoid exposure MIFlowCyt score: 98.67%
Primary researcher: Fanny Legrand PI/manager: Luis Franco Uploaded by: Fanny Legrand
Experiment dates: 2017-12-18 - 2018-04-20 Dataset uploaded: Jul 2018 Last updated: Sep 2018
Keywords: [APOPTOSIS] [Eosinophils] [glucocorticoids] Manuscripts: [29885264] Scientificdatanaturelogo
Organizations: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases, Bethesda, MD (USA)
Purpose: Verify transcriptional changes from in vivo glucocorticoid treatment. Measure cell death of human eosinophils isolated from blood before and 120 minutes after glucocorticoid administration.
Conclusion: There is no effect of glucocorticoids on the Annexin-V staining observed in human eosinophils
Comments: None
Funding: This research was supported by the Intramural Research Program of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health.
Quality control: 2 Normal Donor were treated with 250 mg IV methylprednisolone. 1 hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) patient was treated with 1 mg/kg oral prednisone. Eosinophils were isolated prior to and 120 minutes after treatment. The normal donor samples had an additional 60 minute time point. Autofluorescence and single-color controls of each fluorochrome were run for compensation

Experiment variables

· None Patient_9_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_9_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs
· 1 mg/kg Prednisone Patient_9_120min_Prednisone.fcs
· 250 mg IV Methylprednisolone Patient_11_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs

· Unstained Patient_9_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs
· Annexin V FITC/7AAD Stained Patient_9_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_9_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_11_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None.fcs

· Patient_9 Patient_9_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_9_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_9_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs
· Patient_10 Patient_10_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs
· Patient_11 Patient_11_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs

· Baseline Patient_9_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_9_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_11_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None.fcs · Patient_10_Baseline_None_Unstained.fcs
· 60 Minute Patient_11_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_60min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs
· 120 Minute Patient_9_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_11_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone.fcs · Patient_10_120min_Prednisone_Unstained.fcs

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