Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYZX Experiment name: Data from Simoni et al Immunity 2017 MIFlowCyt score: 39.50%
Primary researcher: yannick SIMONI PI/manager: yannick SIMONI Uploaded by: yannick SIMONI
Experiment dates: 2014-08-01 - 2017-01-01 Dataset uploaded: Jan 2017 Last updated: Jan 2017
Keywords: [mass cytometry] [CyTOF] [innate immunity] [tSNE] Manuscripts: [27986455]
Organizations: Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore Immunology Network, Singapore, (Singapore)
Purpose: Animal models have highlighted the importance of innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) in multiple immune responses. However, technical limitations have hampered adequate characterization of ILCs in humans. Here, we used mass cytometry including a broad range of surface markers and transcription factors to accurately identify and profile ILCs across healthy and inflamed tissue types. High dimensional analysis allowed for clear phenotypic delineation of ILC2 and ILC3 subsets. We were not able to detect ILC1 cells in any of the tissues assessed, however, we identified intra-epithelial (ie)ILC1-like cells that represent a broader category of NK cells in mucosal and non-mucosal pathological tissues. In addition, we have revealed the expression of phenotypic molecules that have not been previously described for ILCs. Our analysis shows that human ILCs are highly heterogeneous cell types between individuals and tissues. It also provides a global, comprehensive, and detailed description of ILC heterogeneity in humans across patients and tissues.
Conclusion: None
Comments: IMPORTANT: All files come from CyTOF experiment. Some of the FCS files are "raw", they contain debris, dead cells, CD45- cells. We attached a flowjo10 (mac) workspace with gating strategy which can be use to remove debris, dead cells, etc. Data acquired using CyTOF1 and CyTOF2. Human samples only. Refer to Simoni et al, Immunity 2017 (doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2016.11.005)
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: None
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