Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZ7T Experiment name: Genetically Barcoded SupT1 Cells MIFlowCyt score: 79.75%
Primary researcher: Roland Wolkowicz PI/manager: Roland Wolkowicz Uploaded by: Roland Wolkowicz
Experiment dates: 2012-09-01 - 2013-07-01 Dataset uploaded: Sep 2013 Last updated: Oct 2013
Keywords: [flow cytometry] [Fluorescent proteins] [Genetic barcoding] [Retroviral technology] [Multiplexing] [high throughput capabilities] Manuscripts: [24700576] Cytalogo
Organizations: San Diego State University, Biology, San Diego, California (USA)
Purpose: Genetic barcoding of non-adherent mammalian cells utilizing retroviral technology enahnces the power of mulitplexed applications. SupT1 cells can be separated based on fluorescence intensity, and are stable for long periods of time.
Conclusion: The growing number of existing fluorescent proteins and derivates with distinct absorbance/emission spectra, combined with the growing number of affordable detection devices and lasers, increases the versatility of multiplexing, making fluorescent genetic barcoding a powerful tool for flow cytometry-based analysis.
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: Each figure includes cells with no fluorescent protein as a negative control allowing for gating.

Experiment variables

Sample Type
· SupT1 cells specimen 1_bright tomato e2 crimson pass.fcs · specimen 1_dim tomato e2 crimson pass.fcs · specimen 1_dim tomato pass.fcs · specimen 1_e2 crimson thawed.fcs · specimen 1_negative pass.fcs · specimen 2_bright tomato thaw orig.fcs · specimen 2_dim tomato e2 crimson thawed.fcs · specimen 2_dim tomato thawed.fcs · specimen 2_e2 crimson pass.fcs · specimen 2_negative thawed.fcs · specimen 3_bright tomato crimson thaw orig.fcs · specimen 3_bright tomato e2 crimson orig.fcs · specimen 3_bright tomato pass.fcs · specimen 3_dim td tomato orig.fcs · specimen 3_negative orig.fcs · specimen 4_bright tomato orig.fcs · specimen 4_dim tomato e2 crimson orig.fcs · specimen 4_e2 crimson orig.fcs · gfp sorts_bright tomato e2 crimson.fcs · gfp sorts_bright tomato.fcs · gfp sorts_dim tomato e2 crimson.fcs · gfp sorts_dim tomato.fcs · gfp sorts_e2 crimson.fcs · gfp sorts_negative.fcs · sort analysis_BC20 ++.fcs · stability of 12 pops and mixing_MIX of 9_001.fcs

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