Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZBT Experiment name: RNA Flow Cytometry: Comparison of Fresh vs Cryopreserved HIV Infected Cells MIFlowCyt score: 98.00%
Primary researcher: Chip Lomas PI/manager: Emily Park Uploaded by: Chip Lomas
Experiment dates: 2012-06-26 - 2012-07-09 Dataset uploaded: May 2014 Last updated: May 2014
Keywords: [HIV] [Gene expression] [RNA Amplification] [RNA hybridization] [RNA Flow cytometry] Manuscripts: [23441230] [PMC3575505] Plosonelogo
Organizations: BD Biosciences, Research and Development, San Jose, CA (USA)
Purpose: The Purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate that the RNA Flow cytometry can be applied to cryopreserved cells.
Conclusion: Comparable HIV Gag RNA positive populations were identified in both the fresh and cryopreserved samples, compared to their respective mock infected cells.
Comments: Detection of Low Abundance RNA Molecules in Individual Cells by Flow Cytometry Figure 3b
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: Cytometer was setup using BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking (CST) in FACSuite software.

Experiment variables

· Fresh Cultured Cells Fresh_IIIB_001.fcs · Fresh_Mock_002.fcs
· Cryopreserved Cells Frozen_IIIB_003.fcs · Frozen_Mock_004.fcs

Sample Type
· HIV+ Fresh_IIIB_001.fcs · Frozen_IIIB_003.fcs
· HIV- Fresh_Mock_002.fcs · Frozen_Mock_004.fcs

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