Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZK4 Experiment name: OMIP-028: Rhesus macaque NK cell subset MIFlowCyt score: 77.34%
Primary researcher: Eva Rakasz PI/manager: Eva Rakasz Uploaded by: Eva Rakasz
Experiment dates: 2015-03-11 - 2015-03-11 Dataset uploaded: Apr 2015 Last updated: Jul 2015
Keywords: [NK cells] [KIR3DL05] [KIR3DL01] [Rhesus macaque] Manuscripts: [26218174] Cytalogo
Organizations: University of Wisconsin-Madison, WNPRC, Madison, WI (USA)
Purpose: To characterize the activation and proliferation phenotype of various NK cell subsets in Rhesus macaques after SIV-infection.
Conclusion: The panel can be used to characterize NK cells in a range of normal and pathologic conditions of Rhesus macaques and can be easily adapted to stain samples from various tissues.
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: FMO, comparison of fresh and frozen samples, comparison of different antibody clones.
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