Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZKZ Experiment name: Diggins, Ferrell, and Irish - Methods for discovery and characterization of cell subsets in high dimensional mass cytometry data MIFlowCyt score: 34.08%
Primary researcher: Kirsten Diggins PI/manager: Jonathan Irish Uploaded by: Kirsten Diggins
Experiment dates: 2015-04-16 - 2015-04-16 Dataset uploaded: Apr 2015 Last updated: Jun 2015
Keywords: [mass cytometry] [machine learning] [computational biology] [viSNE] [SPADE] [heatmaps] Manuscripts: [25979346] [PMC4468028]
Organizations: Vanderbilt University, Cancer Biology, Nashville, TN (USA)
Purpose: This experiment provides FCS data files, tables of statistics from SPADE, an R script, and a detailed protocol to facilitate data re-analysis and the use of the workflow found in Diggins et al.
Conclusion: This method combines multiple tools for high dimensional data analysis to allow for the semi-supervised discovery and characterization of cells identified by mass cytometry analysis.
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Funding: P30 CA068485 - Cancer Center Support Grant K12 CA090625 - Vanderbilt Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Award R00 CA143231 - Targeting the B Cell Receptor Signaling Network in Lymphoma R25 CA136440 - Training in Cellular and Molecular Imaging of Cancer
Quality control: No quality control

Experiment variables

· AML Patient 001 peripheral blood AML_PB0.fcs
· AML Patient 001 peripheral blood viSNE gated blasts AML_PB0_viSNEgate_Blasts.fcs
· AML Patient 001 peripheral blood viSNE gated non-Blasts AML__PB0_viSNEgate_Nonblast.fcs
· Concatenated AML blood and normal marrow after viSNE gating AML_normal_viSNEgates_concat.fcs
· Normal bone marrow normal_marrow.fcs
· Normal bone marrow viSNE gated non-Blasts normal_marrow_viSNEgate_Nonblast.fcs

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