Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZV7 Experiment name: Figure.S6.exp3 MIFlowCyt score: 95.75%
Primary researcher: John Nash PI/manager: John Nash Uploaded by: John Nash
Experiment dates: 2016-06-13 - 2016-06-13 Dataset uploaded: Oct 2016 Last updated: Jan 2017
Keywords: [DNA damage] [BRCA1] [Proximity Ligation Assay] [pH2AX] Manuscripts: [28009288] Cytalogo
Organizations: Stanford University, Stanford, CA (USA)
Purpose: To interrogate BRCA1:pH2AX interaction levels across the cell cycle in untreated cells and after ionizing radiation.
Conclusion: This interaction is significantly higher in S/G2 phase than G1. Ionizing radiation increases interaction primarily in G1.
Comments: None
Funding: Cancer Biology Training Grant 5T32CA9302-35
Quality control: All antibodies in this study were rigorously titrated. Radiation dose and recovery time was titrated. This experiment was repeated several times, producing consistent results.

Experiment variables

· 0Gy Sample_pH2AX_BRCA1_UT_002_cells.fcs
· 10Gy Sample_pH2AX_BRCA1_IR_001_cells.fcs

· pH2AX_BRCA1 Sample_pH2AX_BRCA1_IR_001_cells.fcs · Sample_pH2AX_BRCA1_UT_002_cells.fcs

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