Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZX9 Experiment name: OMIP-035: Nonhuman Primate NK cell functional assay MIFlowCyt score: 83.06%
Primary researcher: Eva Rakasz PI/manager: Eva Rakasz Uploaded by: Eva Rakasz
Experiment dates: 2015-12-10 - 2015-12-11 Dataset uploaded: Dec 2015 Last updated: Aug 2016
Keywords: [KIR3DL05] [KIR3DL01] [Rhesus macaque] [NK cell functions] Manuscripts: Cytalogo
Organizations: University of Wisconsin-Madison, WNPRC, Madison, WI (USA)
Purpose: This panel was developed to measure the functional capability of natural killer (NK) cell subsets in Rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). It includes markers to determine the frequency of cytokine secreting and cytotoxic NK cell subpopulations in peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) samples stimulated in vitro with 721.221 cells. NK cell subsets were defined by the expression of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs) KIR3DL01 and KIR3DL05, and differentiation antigens CD16 and CD56.
Conclusion: The panel can be used to assess the functional capability of NK cells in a range of normal and pathologic conditions of captive bred Rhesus macaques of Indian origin.
Comments: None
Funding: 5P51OD011106-54 R01 AI095098
Quality control: We validated our panel with Fluorescence Minus One (FMO) staining controls for all of our markers. We found no experimental artifacts due to spillover issues. We determined the placement of the gates for the functional parameters (CD107a, Granzyme B, TNF-α and IFN-γ) using the staining pattern of matching non-stimulated control samples.

Experiment variables

· FMO Specimen_001_-A700.fcs · Specimen_001_-APC.fcs · Specimen_001_-ARD.fcs · Specimen_001_-BV510.fcs · Specimen_001_-BV605.fcs · Specimen_001_-BV711.fcs · Specimen_001_-BV786.fcs · Specimen_001_-FITC.fcs · Specimen_001_-PB.fcs · Specimen_001_-PE-CF594.fcs · Specimen_001_-PE-Cy7.fcs · Specimen_001_-PE.fcs · Specimen_001_-PerCP-Cy55.fcs
· compensation controls Specimen_001_A700.fcs · Specimen_001_APC.fcs · Specimen_001_ARD.fcs · Specimen_001_BV510.fcs · Specimen_001_BV711.fcs · Specimen_001_BV786.fcs · Specimen_001_Bv605.fcs · Specimen_001_FITC.fcs · Specimen_001_PB.fcs · Specimen_001_PE-CF5974.fcs · Specimen_001_PE-Cy7.fcs · Specimen_001_PE.fcs · Specimen_001_PerCP-Cy55.fcs · Specimen_001_rh2488 PBMC.fcs
· 721.221 stimulated Specimen_001_rh2488 221.fcs

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