Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZZ4 Experiment name: FCS collection for software testing MIFlowCyt score: 56.56%
Primary researcher: Ryan Brinkman PI/manager: Ryan Brinkman Uploaded by: Josef Spidlen
Experiment dates: 2010-01-01 - 2011-04-30 Dataset uploaded: May 2011 Last updated: Dec 2015
Keywords: [FCS] [test] [compliance] Manuscripts:
Organizations: BC Cancer Agency, Terry Fox Lab, Vancouver, BC (Canada)
Purpose: The purpose of this collections of FCS files from different vendors is to provide a test set of FCS files for third party software vendors that they could utilize for development and testing. It is known that some vendors/instruments/software produce files that are not strictly compatible with the FCS data file standard. Since it may not be always feasible to fix issues on the manufacturers' side (e.g., existing instruments and data that has been acquired already), this set will allow third party vendors to adjust their code accordingly should they choose to do so.
Conclusion: These FCS files can be read in FlowJo and FlowJo can replicate visual representation similar to what is shown in screen shots created by native software of particular instrument manufactures. However, not all software packages can read all of these files due to some issues such as HEADER and the TEXT segment defining different offsets to the DATA segment, files being cut off (truncated) when transporting, unusual bit widths, unusual combinations of keywords, etc.
Comments: Thanks to everybody who provided FCS files for this collection! We are always looking for more if you happen to have any more FCS files to share. Please email Ryan Brinkman ( if you have any questions.
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: FCS files have been tested in FlowJo, which seems to read these without any issues. While this demonstrates that these files are readable in at least one third party software package, it certainly does not guarantee compliance with the FCS data file standard and in fact, some of these files are not strictly compatible with the FCS specification. However, ISAC does not intend to assess FCS compliance.

Experiment variables

· Accuri C6 Accuri - C6 - A01 H2O.fcs · Accuri - C6 - A02 Spherotech 8 Peak Beads.fcs · Accuri - C6 - A03 HPB - CD45 PerCP.fcs · Accuri - C6.fcs
· Attune Applied Biosystems - Attune.fcs
· FACS Aria II BD - FACS Aria II.fcs
· Cyan Beckman Coulter - Cyan.fcs
· FC 500 Beckman Coulter - Cytomics FC500.LMD
· Gallios Beckman Coulter - Gallios.LMD
· Astrios Beckman Coulter - MoFlo Astrios - linear settings.fcs · Beckman Coulter - MoFlo Astrios - log settings.fcs
· XDP Beckman Coulter - MoFlo XDP.fcs
· Eclipse iCyt - Eclipse - 20100922_14h35m49s(Protocol CytoTrol, Well C7).lmd · iCyt - Eclipse - 20100923_12h23m41s(Protocol Cell Cycle DAPI , SampleID1 DAPI Prep-DNA, Well A1).lmd · iCyt - Eclipse - 20100924_08h32m40s(Protocol AlignCheck - Final Test 6Runs, Well A1).lmd · iCyt - Eclipse - 8 peak.lmd · iCyt - Eclipse.lmd
· easyCyte Millipore - easyCyte 6HT-2L - InCyte.fcs
· Miltenyi MACSQuant Miltenyi Biotec - MACSQuant Analyzer.fcs
· Partec PAS Partec - PAS - 8 peak beads.FCS
· Stratedigm S1400 Stratedigm - S1400 - 8 Peaks Beads.fcs
· Verity Gemstone Verity Software House - GemStoneGeneratedData - 500000events.fcs

Sample Type
· Regular Accuri - C6 - A01 H2O.fcs · Accuri - C6 - A03 HPB - CD45 PerCP.fcs · Accuri - C6.fcs · iCyt - Eclipse.lmd
· Beads Accuri - C6 - A02 Spherotech 8 Peak Beads.fcs · Partec - PAS - 8 peak beads.FCS · Stratedigm - S1400 - 8 Peaks Beads.fcs · iCyt - Eclipse - 8 peak.lmd

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