Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYUZ Experiment name: Antibody bound per neisserial cell experiment - Replicate 3 MIFlowCyt score: 46.25%
Primary researcher: Ronni A G da Silva PI/manager: Ruth Griffin Uploaded by: Ronni A G da Silva
Experiment dates: 2018-03-03 - 2018-05-05 Dataset uploaded: Dec 2018 Last updated: Dec 2018
Keywords: [FACS] [meningococcus] [fhbp] Manuscripts:
Organizations: The University of Nottingham, Life Sciences, Nottingham, (UK)
Purpose: Evaluate the level of cell surface exposure of FHbp on 20 different strains. Antibody Bound per cell was acquired based on a curve made with beads that have a known concentration antibody bound to them.
Conclusion: None
Comments: Meningococcal cells were gated and fluorescence detected against its respective negative control that was stained with secondary antibody only.
Funding: CNPq The University of Nottingham
Quality control: All samples were initially incubated with a monoclonal antibody agains FHbp protein (Jar4) and incubated with the secondary antibody rat anti IgG conjugated with FITC Strains with secondary antibody only only was used as control
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