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Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZYY6 Experiment name: OMIP-039: Detection and analysis of human adaptive NKG2C+ natural killer cells MIFlowCyt score: 96.37%
Primary researcher: Quirin Hammer PI/manager: Quirin Hammer Uploaded by: Quirin Hammer
Experiment dates: 2016-01-01 - 2017-01-24 Dataset uploaded: Feb 2017 Last updated: Aug 2017
Keywords: [CMV] [NK cells] [NK receptors] [NKG2C] [adaptive NK cells] Manuscripts: [28715616] Cytalogo
Organizations: German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin, a Leibniz Institute (DRFZ), Innate Immunity, Berlin, (Germany)
Purpose: Develop, establish, and optimize a panel to identify adaptive NKG2C+ NK cells and implement further markers to analyze their biology.
Conclusion: A panel to reliably identify human NKG2C+ adaptive NK cells and study their biology was established and optimized.
Comments: None
Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Grand numbers: SFB 650 TP20, RO 3565, and RO 3565/1; Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Leibniz Graduate School for Rheumatology
Quality control: The BD Fortessa flow cytometer was quality controlled daily by the staff of the flow cytometry core facility of the Institute. All reagents were titrated over a broad range of concentrations to ensure maximal performance. Internal controls were used as described in the online material.

Experiment variables

Sample Type
· Complete staining Samples_Donor_15_02_8706-02_015.fcs

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