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Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZ9H Experiment name: OMIP-021: Innate-like T-cell Panel MIFlowCyt score: 49.25%
Primary researcher: Nicholas Gherardin PI/manager: Nicholas Gherardin Uploaded by: Nicholas Gherardin
Experiment dates: 2012-09-23 - 2012-09-23 Dataset uploaded: Jan 2014 Last updated: Apr 2014
Keywords: [T-cells] [Innate-like T-cell] [MAIT cell] [NKT cell] [gammadelta T-cell] Manuscripts: [24757011] Cytalogo
Organizations: The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity at The University of Melbourne, Microbiology and Immunology, Parkville, (Australia)
Purpose: To enumerate Innate-like T-cells in two healthy donor blood samples
Conclusion: This Panel allows identification of abT-cells, gdT-cells, MAIT cells, NKTs and subsets thereof
Comments: None
Funding: Not disclosed
Quality control: None

Experiment variables

· Donor1 Donor1.fcs · cc_AF700 CD45RO.fcs · cc_APC CD8b.fcs · cc_APC-Cy7 CD4.fcs · cc_BV421 TETaGC.fcs · cc_BV605 CD161.fcs · cc_BV650 CD8a.fcs · cc_BV711 CD27.fcs · cc_BV785 CD3.fcs · cc_FITC gdTCR.fcs · cc_LD Aqua.fcs · cc_PE TCRVa7.fcs · cc_PE-Cy5 CD28.fcs · cc_PE-Cy7 CCR7.fcs · cc_PerCP-Cy55 CD45RA.fcs
· Donor2 Donor2.fcs

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