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Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-ZZWU Experiment name: OMIP-030: Characterization of eight major human CD4+ T helper subsets, including Tregs, via surface markers MIFlowCyt score: 77.50%
Primary researcher: Gerhard Wingender PI/manager: Gerhard Wingender Uploaded by: Gerhard Wingender
Experiment dates: 2012-11-01 - 2013-10-31 Dataset uploaded: Feb 2015 Last updated: Oct 2015
Keywords: [human] [CD4+ T cells] [PBMCs] [T helper] [T cell subsets] [mNKT/MAIT cells] Manuscripts: Cytalogo
Organizations: La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, La Jolla, CA (USA)
Purpose: Characterization of eight major human CD4+ T helper subsets, including Tregs, via surface markers
Conclusion: Providing a staining panel that allows the enumerate of the major CD4+ T cells subsets in one stain via surface markers
Comments: None
Funding: NIH grants RO1 AI45053, AI69296 and R37 AI71922
Quality control: Instrument QC: - All data was acquired on the same flow cytometer using the same cytometer settings. - Cytometer passed QC tests including instrument setup beads and detector testing, prior to acquisition. Sample QC: All biological samples processed, stored, and stained in the same way. Data QC: All Data was analyzed by the same person with uniform application of gating strategy across all samples.
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